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Container Loading Check (CLC) quality QC inspection:

The container loading supervision (or Container Loading Check) ensures your supplier and the factory will load the correct products with the right quantity and correct packing into containers, and make sure the containers sealed by the trucking company / shipping company.

That means the supplier made the delivery, and the goods are in the care of the shipping company, of course you still need the bill of lading to claim the shipment.

If you find the results in the supervision report acceptable, you can proceed to pay the balance. It is a great way to avoid mistakes in loading, short delivery, or even fraud

Container Loading Check

The inspectors will:

  • Inspect the container condition(Suitability and cleanliness)
  • Confirm the products conform to the purchase order
  • Confirm the correct quantity will be loaded in containers
  • Record damages detected during the loading process
  • Make photographic records of container loading
  • Witness the container sealing with shipping line seal or/and with inspection company seal, immediately on completion of loading.

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