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During Production Check (DUPRO) quality QC inspection:

A During Product Inspection, AKA During Production Check, inline inspection, in-process inspection is a preshipment inspection done when 20%-50% products are finished and packed, ideally inside the master cartons.

It allows you to find problems earlier, and take quick corrective actions during production stages. So the shipment schedule won't be affected much.

We will statistically and randomly pick some products by using AQL sampling procedure, and check for: functionality, performance, durability, overall appearance, and dimensions etc.

Final Random Inspection

It is mostly for important and/or big orders that the shipping schedule is tight, or for the new products, new suppliers, or important clients. Or you sometimes just want to check more to ensure the product quality.

Normally a Final Inspection will be followed when all the products are packed into the cartons and ready for shipment, it is to check the products quality level is statistical acceptable. The inspector will also verify the quantity, shipping marks, carton conditions, packing info, color, logo, measurements etc. one last time.

3rd party preshipment products goods factory onsite inline final Random AQL PSI TPI FRI DUPRO third party on-site in-line pre-shipment QA control assurance services in China India Vietnam Thailand Malaysia Bangladesh Taiwan.