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Quality Inspection QC check:

As an independent third party Inspection company, we have 150+ quality engineers with operations covering China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia etc. We offer PRE-SHIPMENT Product Quality INSPECTION on-site services to buyers worldwide.

Our inspector can be on any factory within 48hrs, and send you reports with detailed pictures with 24hrs after the inspections.

Quality Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection:

A Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is a systematic quality inspection of units selected at random from all batches of your order, conducted when your production is completed at a certain percentage.

This is your final opportunity to take corrective action before your production is finished and packed; making it an effective tool to safeguard your product against costly import risks.

PSI ensures that production complies with specifications of the buyer and/or the terms of a purchase order or letter of credit. A Final Random Inspection (FRI), checks finished products when at least 80% of an order has been produced and export-packed. Samples are selected at random, according to certain standards and procedures by the on-site inspectors.

Apparel/Garment Inspection Checklist:

  • Color differences and shifting
  • Measurements
  • Stitches
  • Foreign objects like broken pins, human hairs
  • Rub test
  • Fabric defects checking
  • Stain, mould, odor and insects
  • Thread ends
  • Customer's specs
  • Packaging, labels and markings
  • Special requirements & on-site testing:
  • Rub Test
  • Wash Test

Checklist for most products:

  • Product specs and customers' requirements
  • Measurements check
  • Quantity and assortments check
  • Packaging, arts and literature check
  • Labels & markings, Logos check
  • Aesthetic, surface and function check
  • On-site safety test

(Common Inspection Types at different production stages:) 

Final Random Inspection (FRI)

100% products finished, and at least 70% products packed inside the master cartons. Final product appearance, conformity & functionality prior to shipment .

We will statistically and randomly pick some products by using AQL sampling procedure, and check for: functionality, performance, durability, overall appearance, and dimensions etc.

During Production Inspection (DUPRO)

When 20%-50% products finished and packed, ideally inside the master cartons. It allows you to find problems earlier, and take quick corrective action during production stages.

We will statistically and randomly pick some products by using AQL sampling procedure, and check for: functionality, performance, durability, overall appearance, and dimensions etc. Initial Production Inspection (IPI) Inspection of key raw materials/components prior to commencement of production. Or some finished products are starting to coming out.

Container Loading Supervision (CLS)

When the products are loading to the containers, we will supervise the the loading process, make sure the right products, right quantity, right quality are loaded. Recording of container suitability, loading systems and container sealing. It will help you avoid short delivery, scam, and future complaints when you deliver the shipment directly to your clents.

Production Monitoring (PM)

100% finished products full check, or periodically exam the products during the production to make sure as many products as possible are acceptable and defect free.

Report to you daily with pictures, just like you are at the factory yourself.

Mostly for important high-end products, time sensitive, important customers, high value orders.

Sample Picking (SAMPLE)

Independent and impartially taking and sealing of inline production samples, pick randomly from the production, for client verification.

We can also do some inspections.

3rd party preshipment products goods factory onsite inline final Random AQL PSI TPI FRI DUPRO third party on-site in-line pre-shipment QA control assurance services in China India Vietnam Thailand Malaysia Bangladesh Taiwan.