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What are the checking procedures for Hardware, Fittings, Screw Bolt, Screw Driver, Lock, Locker, Plumbing,, Faucets, Steel Tube, Steel Tubes etc?

  • Product specs, and special requirements check
  • Aesthetic, visual defects, workmanship, surface and function check
  • Packaging, safety and drop tests
  • Quantity & assortment verifying
  • Labels, markings, logos & barcodes check
  • Measurements & sizes check
  • On-site safety, regulation & function testing

Our on-site inspection services are classified as:

 fittings quality assurance in Wenzhou

As an example, we have a checklist like this:

  • Surface Checking, Product Finish: To confirm finish and any scratches or defects on finish. No rust present in products and plating is even. Please, check that the actual product corresponds to the referential picture in the attached file.
  • Weights: Please, weigh faucets to determine if weights match attached file
  • Body leakage test: Please, check attached files Faucets’ test1 and test2 for instructions.
  • Package checking: Please, take pictures of packing both inner boxes and master cartons (shipping marks).
  • Please, test flexible hoses for leakages (if applicable).
  • Check type of cartridges for each faucet.
  • Fatigue Test.
  • Single control faucets: Test inner diverter functions properly for hot/cold.
  • Picture of each faucet with its corresponding packing.
  • Check Barcode scanning in inner boxes and master carton and that they match the attached file.
  • Products packed in color boxes with Boston Tools brand.
  • Please check that what the carton indicates corresponds to the product inside.
  • Please, perform any other tests and checks that you deem appropriate for this type of products.
  • The dimension of Cartridge should be comply with spec in the attachment.Pls also create a suitable chart of dimension for cartridge.
  • Pls list all the carton number per PO which you have checked (for example "PO XXX:4.12 ... )

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