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As the biggest economic provinces in China, for QC inspections in Guangdong, please find below to name a few:

  • Electronic products in Shenzhen and Dongguan: Cell Mobile phone, Iphone Ipad Accessories, PBC boards, Medical devices, Bluetooth headsets, Headphones, Earphones, Tablet PC, Computer Peripherals,and timepieces etc. to name a few;
  • Inspections in Guangzhou: Fashions, Garments, leather products, Paper Bookings, Cosmetic Products, Paper Bags, Paper Boxes etc.
  • Foshan, Shunde, Zhongshan: Electric Electrical Lamp Led Light Lighting Fluorescent Appliance Night Stand Table Furniture Home Household Appliance;
  • Electric Electrical Lamp Led Light Lighting Fluorescent Appliance Night Stand Table Cable Home Household Appliance in Zhongshan;
  • Lufeng, Haifeng Shanwei Guangzhou Furniture hardware, Electronics, Electrical appliance, Machined parts and components;
  • Shantou Toy Wedding Lady Dress Paper Box Plush Garment Underwear Lingerie Apparel Fashion;
  • Jiangmen Zhongshan Kaiping Faucet Shower Tools Stainless Steel SS Hardware Fitting;
  • Zhongshan Dongguan Foshan Shantou Punning Jieyang: Garments, Apparel, Footwear, Shoes, Snickers, Undergarment, Underwear, Lingerie, Bra etc.


The Pre-shipment Inspection Types are mostly:


Guangdong QA Inspection


An examples of the checklist for Electrical fans inspection:

Requirements Comments from Inspector Result
Perform a carton drop test: 10 drops from the correct height based on carton weight as defined in ISTA 1 A(6 faces, 3 edges,1 corner) - On 1 cartons – packed products should not get damaged
Perform a rub test and an adhesive test-Perform the rub and adhesive test on all of printing, marking and logo found on the product: Use alcohol if petroleum spirits is not available for rub test; Use 3M tape for the adhesive test on the silk-screening and painting. -S2 Test on 8pcs
Perform function test level II(such as Tilting Function; on/off button test) Test on all samples
Pull test for power supply cord -60N for 25 times within 1 minute not more than 2mm (S2) Test on 8pcs
Hi-pot test
Wobble test for the unit-place the product on the flat surface and check it’s wobble or not Test on all samples
Perform stability test 10 degree –S2 Checked on 8pcs
Taking photo for all of the artwork (shipping mark ,rating label ,instruction for use ,price label, address and so on) Refer to product packing part and product status part
Running test during the whole inspection Period 3pcs per item 3pcs per item
Perform an internal check. Refer to pictures as below Actual finding
Perform a low-voltage starting test. Test on 187V, 3pcs per item
Check the power consumption
Perform a fatigue test for switch and Adjust-able part.
Perform an earth continuity test if applicable, the result of the test should be < 0.1Ohm. Checked on all samples

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