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Shenzhen WECHECK CTS CO LTD - (a merger of CTS SERVICE LTD and WeCheck Inspection Ltd) is a leading professional quality Pre-shipment Inspection company with operations in most major Asian manufacturing hotspots, we focus on:

  • On-site Inspection
  • Factory Audit
  • Lab Testing

  • If needed, sourcing, and order management services are also available.


    Our inspection and audit operations cover China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand & Bangladesh. We have been supporting clients from all over the world in monitoring, maintaining, and improving the product quality level.


    We have great advantages over flexible & close services, competitive prices & strong technical expertises. Our team is composed of many talents from fields like lab testing, quality control inspection, product sourcing, merchandising, supply chain managements etc., with years of working experiences in their respective fields.


    With our services, you will stay on top of your quality performance conveniently and economically, protect your company and brand honors from inferior quality, and be more focused in winning customer satisfactions and brand honors.

    WHY inspections?

    First of all, every batch of products has some defects, just like there is no 100% pure GOLD, and like the purer the gold, the harder and costlier to achieve. All manufacturers have, or should have their QC department to minimize the defect rates to an acceptable level. But all inspectors are subjective, or they too, might just check periodically instead of every pieces. The extra pair of eyes will help ensure the quality. But very commonly, lots of factories don't even have in-house QC.


    Secondly, you have a commitment, and should have make a promise to your clients or consumers that you will deliver quality products to their hands. With our service, at a small cost, you can monitor, analyse, and keep track of your quality performance.


    And after all, when you are buying from a supplier, and you want to make sure things like the quality, quantity, packing etc. are as expected before shipments, so that there won't be SUPPRISES upon arrival.

    WHAT is pre-shipment quality inspection?

    We can send an inspector down to the factory to do the inspection on-site during the production and before the shipment.

    Pre-shipment product quality check points:

    • Product specs and customers' requirements
    • Measurements check
    • Quantity verifying
    • Packaging and drop tests
    • Labels & markings, Logos check
    • Aesthetic, surface and function check
    • On-site function check and testing

    How does it work?

    • We will evaluate/validate your bookings; Will send you invoices for payment after bookings confirmed;
    • We will contact the factory to confirm the inspection date and location;
    • 24 hours after the inspections, we will send you the inspection reports with findings, pictures, and comments etc., so that you can decide if the suppliers can go ahead with shipments, or they should rework them first.
    flow Chart

    When can you give us the booking?

    After you place the orders to your suppliers. Or at least 2 working days before the inspection date. Otherwise we can only promise we will do our best to make the arrangement

    Where does our operation cover?

    We operate mainly in mainland China, with inspectors located all over the country, mostly at manufacturing hotspots. We also have some small operations in China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand & Bangladesh.

    Who are our clients?

    Mostly international buyers, and some local buyers, who want to:

    • maintain and improve the shipment quality level, mostly our clients buy from the same suppliers;
    • Make sure the shipment quality is acceptable, mostly our clients have no stable suppliers;
    • Customers just realize the importance of quality management.

    AQL standard?

    It stands for Acceptable Quality Limit (Level): The maximam percentage or proportion of nonconformities in a lot or batch that can be considered as a process average.

    It will also guide you how to determine the sampling size. For general products, the commonly adopt sample size is Level II.

    Find AQL Chart here