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A Pre-shipment Inspection Report

Report No.:

Client name
Inspection Date
Inspection location
Reference Sample
Order Quantity Pcs  | CTN
Ready Quantity Pcs  | CTN

A. Quantity check OK
B. Shipping marks & packing OK
C. Label, logos and colors Not OK
D. Styles & measurements OK
E. Onsite quality tests Not OK
F. Special requirements OK
G. AQL workmanship
(Visual defects)
Allowed 0 21 21
Sample size 500 500 315
(Your final decision to Reject or Approve)


1. (this is a sample)

Sampling standard ISO 2859-1(Mil Std 105E) AQL level level II: (letter code: N)
Critical/Major/Minor defects Not Allowed/2.5/4.0 Sampling size for Cri/ Maj /Min 500/500/315

Expected Result: Result Actual Finding / Comments
80% of the total order quantity must be packed OK
100% of the total order quantity must be finished OK
Packed Quantity Failed
Semi-finished Quantity N/A

P.O. No. Item/Style/ Product No. Order Finished Units Units Finished Not Packed Units Not Finished Sample Size Result
(example) Styles# /Item# 60624 pcs 421 60624 421 100 0 500 10 OK
Total (pcs) 60624 pcs 421 60624 421 100 0 500 10 OK
List of Export Carton Numbers Opened (list out the ctn#)
No carton No. on master carton.
No carton number was found on export carton.
Total Qty Selected for Inspection: 500 pcs
10 CTN
Was the inspector able to count precisely the number of cartons? YES   NO
Was 80% of the quantity fully available for sampling? YES   NO
Was 100% of the quantity fully available for sampling? YES   NO
(Pictures) (Pictures)
Carton Pile Area 1  Carton Pile Area 2
(Pictures) (Pictures)
Carton Pile Area 3 Carton Pile Area 4

B1.Shipping Marks and Packaging Result
- Was the condition of master/inner carton good? OK
- Was the content/ printing of shipping marks right? Not OK
- Was the special customer requirements correct? OK
- Was the wordings/graphic correct? OK
- No ply-wood is to be used in the construction of shipping cartons or pallets. N/A
- All openings of transport cartons should be sealed - “H” type of seal to be used in all cases. OK
- Do the cartons’ layers conform to the client’s spec.? OK
- Products are perfectly fitted in the carton:(no over-packed, no gap, no crash are allowed) OK
- Does the sealing method for cartons conform to the client's spec.? OK
- Carton UPC barcode label(Must be readable) OK
- Use metal strap or plastic strap?  metal strap   plastic strap   no strap
- Sealing method staples   adhesive   plastic band   metal band
- What is the number of corrugated layers on carton?
(1 corrugated layer=3ply);
Single Wall Corrugated(3 ply)   Double Wall Corrugated(5 ply)
Item# Inner Pack box/polybag  Outer Pack Carton/Case Assorted packed Result
(item 1) In Assorted size In one Size
In Assorted color In one color
(item 2) In Assorted size In one Size
In Assorted color In one color
Not OK
condition of master/inner carton
corrugated layers on carton
H” type of seal
Sealing method

A detailed list of products and regions we cover:

3rd party preshipment products goods factory onsite inline final Random AQL PSI TPI FRI DUPRO third party on-site in-line pre-shipment QA QC check quality control assurance inspection services in China India Vietnam Thailand Malaysia Bangladesh Taiwan.

Our Preshipment Inspection Services by products:
Eyewear Sun Glasses spectacles eyeglass Frame Shenzhen Dongguan Guangdong Zhenjiang Jiangsu
Footwear Snow Boot Sport Sportswear Home Textile Shoes Sandals Snicker Slippers
Housewares Tableware Kitchenware Cookware Chinaware apron Tablecloth kitchen tools
Household Home Electrical Electric Appliance Kettle Boiler Fan Microwave Electromagnetic Oven Furnace Radiator Heater
Electronic Electronics GPS Car Audio Video e-Cigarettes
laptop Tablet PC Mobile Cell Phone Iphone Ipad Ipod Accessories Bag Pouch Armband
Paper Cup Guest Note Book Painting Napkins gift Bag Box Wallets Wrap
Ball Pen Pencil Marker Painting Brush Stationery Office Supplies Stationeries Paint Hair Fountain LED
Bluetooth TWS Wireless Headset Headphone Earphone Speaker Router WIFI
Sundry Sundries BBQ Outing Barbecue Outdoor Carpet Blanket Mop Bloom
Porcelain Porcelaine Chinaware Vase Water Coffee Cup Saucer Disk plate Discs
Ceramic Ceramics Tiles Mug Pot Clock Knife Knives Wall
Mosaic Tile Stone Marble Granite Flooring Brick Wooden
Fabric Textile Garment Apparel Clothing Lady Wedding Dress Under Lingorie Accessories Wear
Shopping Golf Club Cart Trolley Dolly Scaffolding Ladder Shelves Shelf Home Storage
Food industrial Candy Mint Can Processed Fruit Groceries
Cutlery Fork Knife Table Set Spoon Stainless Steel Silver Ware Yangjiang Jieyang Guangdong
Sanitary Ware Diaper Face Mask Surgical PP PE Glove
Plastic Plastics Rubber Part Molding Injection Tube Plate Cup Tray Housing Case Toy Tyer Caster
Stainless Steel Coil Tube Bar Stand Rack Fixture Building contruction material tools Aluminium Aluminum Alu
Jewelry Box Bag Pouch Pearl Ring Jade Gem Jewel Gold Diamond Clip Pin Cufflink
Hardware Fitting Screw Driver Lock Plumbing Faucet Steel Tube Piping Pipe
Cookie Glass Jar Bottle Vase Cup Mug Figurine Glassware Zibo Shangdong Yangzhou Jiangsu
Soft Lines Softline Garment Apparel Bedset Footwear Textile Towel
Hard Lines Hardline Hardware
Table Floor Fluorescent Lamp Shade Lighting LED Night Light Bulb Tube Curtain
Toilet Bath-tub Hot-Tub Sink Shower Faucet
Wheel Chair Sofa Bed park Office bench Patio Furniture Outdoor Door Wooden Rattan Massager Couch
Seasonal Christmas Tree Gift Present Figurine Halloween Costumes Xmas Decoratives Decorations Cards
Party Balloon Firework Confetti Popper Photo Frame Mirror Cannon Shooter Inflatable Flower Decorations
Labor Working Riding Exercise Welding Safety Industrial medical leather Rubber Latex PP Dining Glove
Helmet Safety Protective Protection Biking Moto Skating Cycling Bicycles Contruction
Electrical electrics appliance Steamer Fan Coffee Machine Maker Blender Mixer Iron Juicer Cooker
Suitcase luggage Bag Backpack Hand Suitcase Baggage Wallet Pouch Leather Oxford PU Baigou Hebei
Beauty Cosmetics Perfume Comb Face Paint Bottle Tube
Umbrella Rain Coat Diving Suit Poncho Bamboo Curtain Shade
Sweater T-shirt Jeans Jacket Pajamas Jersey Pajamas Wetsuit Knitwear Hotsuit T-shirt
Cap Hat Flags Cape Wallet Ribbon Napkin Headband Bunting
Dispenser Pedometer Blood Pressure Heart Medical device Kiosk Infrared Thermometer Heart Pulse Rate Temp RESP Monitor
POS POP Acrylic Paper Cardboard Wooden MDF Stainless Steel SS Plastic Aluminum Sign Holder Plain Display
Guitar Violin Piano Harmonica Musical Music Box Instrument Tools
Leather Silicone PU Pouch Wallet Bag Garment Box Case Housing Casing
Water Thermo Heater Cup Mug Bottle Kettle Workout Stainless Steel SS Alu Glass Plastic
Timepiece Watches Alarm Clock Bracelet Wristband Wall Bluetooth Heartrate
TV Television Set Computer Monitor Display Freezer Fridge Cooler Air Conditioner AC
Denim Cotton Yarn Bed Sheet Pillowcase Blanket Quilt Cover Bedding bedset Goose Down
Power-Bank Li-ion Battery Wireless Charger Adaptor Plug Outlet
Laptop Computer Peripherals Tower Mouse Keyboard Hardware Microphone Extension USB
Candle Holder Glass  Bottle Decorative Decoration Wedding Glassware Hen Party
Giftware Gift Premiums novelties Promotional Presents
Badminton Table Tennis Pingpong Ball Bat net Volleyball Football Rope Skipping Jumping Skating Skiing Racket Board Shoes
Biking Electrical Bike Bicycle Riding Camping Tent Yoga Mat Knee Pad Matress
Gardening Tools Prune Saw lawn mower scissors Blower Spade Shavel Hoe
Power Tool Drill Cement Concrete Glass Cutter Grinder Hammer Polisher Mixer Screw Driver
Plush Pet Toy lego Garland Action Figure Wrist Band Air Inflatable
USB Type-C HMDI Power Cord Cable Extension Plug Flash Drive Memory Stick Card
Decoration Wall paper Décor Adhesive Tape Sticker
Shopping Gift Bag Box Card Wooden Paper cardboard Note Book
Precision Machined Machine Auto Automobile Parts Tools Tooling Diecast Stamping Punching
Aluminum Beverage Tin Can Metal Shoes Box Bottle Jar Badge Resin Figurine Wine Cooler Bag
Security Camera Door Phone Bell Web Cam Microphone Speaker Alarm Monitor
Electric Vehicle Balancing Balance Scooter Skid Steers Skateboard Keychain Flash Light
Exercise Fitness Workout Sporting Gymnastic Gym Safety Equipment Sportswear Dumbbell Towel
Machinery Machine Spare Part Raft Crane Car Truck Boat Forklift Winch
The Third Party Inspection Services by Regions:
Zhejiang Ningbo Hangzhou Jiaxing Zhaoxing Jinhua Yiwu Cixi Taizhou Wenzhou Wuyi Xianju
Guangdong Guangzhou Shenzhen Zhanjiang Yangjiang Shunde Foshan Jiangmen Kaiping Zhongshan Zhaoqing Chaozhou Shantou Shanwei Puning Jieyang Huizhou Dongguan
Jiangsu Suzhou Nanjing Wuxi Yangzhou Nantong Changzhou Taizhou Yancheng Jiangyin Kunshan Xuzhou Lianyungang
Shandong Liaocheng Qingdao Jinan Zibo Hebei Cangzhou Shijiazhuang Langfang Tangshan
Henan Zhengzhou Shangqiu Xian Shanxi Luoyang Hunan Changsha Yueyang Zhuzhou Chenzhou Hubei Wuhan Luoyang Jiangxi Nanchang Ganzhou Shangrao
Anhui Hefei Xuancheng Wuhu Huangshan Anqing Liaoning Yingkou Dalian Shenyang Yunnan Kuming Fujian Fuzhou Putian Quanzhou Xiamen Zhangzhou Jinjiang
Beijing Shanghai Tianjin Chongqing Shichuan Chengdu Guangxi Nanning Wuzhou Hainan
Amazon FBA Shipping Asia FOB FRI Ex-work Ex-factory
India Vietnam Thailand Malaysia Indonesia Bangladesh HoChiMinh HaNoi Dhaka Selangor Mumbai Kuala Lumpur Chittagong
By Regional Products:
Toy Wedding Lady Dress Paper Box Plush Garment Underwear Lingerie Apparel Fashion ware hen Shantou
Ceramics Ceramic Porcelain Porcelaine Cup Plate Chinaware Saucers Mug Vase Toilet Bath Hot Tub Chaozhou
Textile Soft Lines Sporting Sportswear Bedsets Bedding Exercise equipment Quilt Pillow Cover Towel Sheet Blanket Nantong
Stainless Steel Coil Plate Roll Bar Building Construction Material Tianjin Shandong
Shenzhen Dongguan USB Flash Drive Cell Mobile Phone Computer Peripherals Tablet PC Notebook Laptop Bluetooth Earphone Headphone Headset Speaker Ipad Ipod Iphone Accessories
Electronic Electronics Medical Device Equipment Heartrate Monitor Security Cam Camera Shenzhen Dongguan Hangzhou
Electric Electrical Lamp Led Light Lighting Fluorescent Appliance Night Stand Table Furniture Home Household Appliance Foshan Zhongshan
Electric Electrical Lamp Led Light Lighting Fluorescent Appliance Night Stand Table Cable Home Household Appliance Ningbo Zhongshan Foshan
Electric Electrical Iron Coffee Maker Blender Mixer Cooker Juicer Oven Cable Steamer Fan Heater Machine Ningbo Zhongshan Foshan
Electrical Electric Iron Presser Power Cable Cord Paper Bag Box Appliance Zhejiang Cixi
Furniture Sofa Cabinet Office Chair Rattan Bed Wheel Patio Park Bench Freezer Cooler Refrigerator fridge Icebox Gas stove Couch Foshan Shunde
Paper Product Gift Giftware Promotion Premium Jewelry Box Bag Cardboard Card Party Balloon Yiwu Jiangsu
Faucet Shower Tools Stainless Steel SS Hardware Fittings Jiangmen Zhongshan Kaiping
TV Television Set Computer Monitor Display Freezer Fridge Cooler Air Condition Zhuhai
Yongkang Hardware Plastic Glass Stainless Steel Water Bottle Mug Cup Thermo Sports Workout Travel
Wheelchair Sofa Bed park Office bench Patio Furniture Door Wooden Rattan Massager Fujian Dongguan Foshan
Footwear Snow Boot Sports Home Textile Shoes Sandals Snicker Slippers Dongguan Zhongshan Guangdong Putian Quanzhou Fujian
Lock Lighter Crane Footwear Screw Driver Fittings Wenzhou
Shenzhen Electric Vehicle Balancing Balance Scooter skid steers Board Keychain Flash Light Lock Memory Card
Dongguan Shenzhen Foshan Nanhai Guangdong Power-Bank Li-ion Battery Wireless Charger Adaptor Plug Timepiece Clock Watch Alarm
Dongguan Fabric Pouch Gift Box Bluetooth Earphone Headset Headphone Mobile Phone Case USB Cable C-type Micro
Shandong Stainless Steel Pipe  Bar  Piping Construction Building material Plate Coil Tube Water Oil
Puning Garment Soft Line Softline Apparel Underwear Lingerie Lady Wedding Dress Clothes Clothing
Jiangsu Zhejiang Wuxi Shanghai Power Tool Drill Cutter Screw Driver Polisher
Jiangxi Wuxi Safe Shopping Cart Scaffolding Shelves Shelf Candle Earhpone
Jiaxing  Zhaoxing Jiangying Shandong Guangdong Guangzhou Jiangsu Fabric
Henan Toilet Swing Chair Paper Box Bag Soup
Vietnam Garment  Textile Soft Lines Knitwear Glove Apparel Underwear Undergarment Lady Wedding Dress Lingerie Footwear Toy Wooden Furniture
Bangladesh Textile Soft Lines Knitwear Garment Apparel Underwear Undergarment Lady Wedding Dress Lingerie
Yangjiang Jieyang Chaozhou Stainless Steel tableware Forks Knives plate Silverware BBQ Barbecue tools
Lufeng Haifeng Shanwei Guangzhou Gaoming Guangdong Furniture hardware
India Soft Lines Garment Textile Paper Product Bag Suitcase Hand Giftware Box Footwear Electronics Apparel Lady Wedding Dress